”Thank you - The vision plan was instrumental in helping us to secure funding..." Head, Hotham School

Stacks Image 0 School grounds designer and team teacher, Felicity Robinson MA specialises in supporting and inspiring teachers and children in outdoor play and learning. She is a landscape architect and author with more than 20 years experience in engaging whole school communities in transforming outdoor learning and play.

She is skilled in developing high-impact, low-cost ideas and delivering them with hands-on children's engagement. Felicity has proved to be an adept fund raiser - a very useful skill in current times!

Landscapes Naturally brings innovation, site problem solving skills and the ability to motivate learners, to projects large and small - the only pre-requisite is a school that values outdoor learning and wants to make the best use of their grounds.

“I think the main thing has been that the children are doing so much problem solving. It has been an important step for them. Everything has to be looked at closely to see if it feasible in real terms. It has been a learning curve not only for the children but us too." Teacher - Barons Court
"Children feel listened to, encouraged and supported. The children really feel they are working with someone special who 'knows a lot' and their science vocabulary has developed." Barons Court - Project EvaluaHon
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