In other words ..........
"Really enjoyed the day, lots of inspiring ideas and great presentation style - thank you." Primary Teacher at RHS CPD training.

"Felicity has offered invaluable help in allowing staff to understand more about working with architects, she can talk to them on the same level and really understand what is going on. This has meant that we, as the client school, have been heard a bit more. She has been very supportive and without her it would have been a lot more difficult. I feel I can now understand more about what is happening in meetings with the building team." Head - Barons Court

"By working with Felicity we have learned how to teach different topics in more creative ways outdoors." Teacher - Fulham Primary School

"My main observation has been that Felicity uses open questions to encourage children to think for themselves to work answers out and each session is usually centred around a problem that the children have to solve. She is very flexible in her approach, plans sessions with staff and communicates extremely well with both teachers and pupils to develop and excellent working relationship." Evaluation - Creative Partnerships

" Teachers and students look forward to working with Felicity and have found her extremely approachable, friendly and dynamic." Evaluation - Creative Partnerships

"The project has had a huge impact on the children with regards to their understanding and relationship with the natural environment." Evaluation - Creative Partnerships

"She knows a lot of fun stuff" Child - Fulham Primary School

"Children feel listened to, encouraged and supported. There is a real feeling that the children feel they are working with someone special who 'knows a lot' and their science vocabulary has developed." Barons Court - Project Evaluation

"I think the main thing has been that the children are doing so much problem solving. It has been an important step for them. Everything has to be looked at closely to see if it feasible in real terms. This is something that has been a learning curve not only for the children but us too." Teacher - Barons Court

"The Nature Lab is a really stimulating resource, thanks to Felicity's creativity and understanding of how children learn...... a fantastic legacy from the school's association with Creative Partnerships."
Senior Adviser (Learning and Teaching), Hammersmith and Fulham LA

"The whole process has been valuable and motivational. It has proved a committed and enthusiastic group with direction. We are very grateful to Felicity."
The Head, Sheen Mount School

"I have really appreciated your wealth of experience and knowledge and your guidance through the whole process of change. I have no doubt that the success of the Vanessa Nursery Garden is down to your guiding hand."
Head, Vanessa Nursery

"The vision plan was instrumental in helping us to secure funding..."
Head, Hotham School

"Extremely professional and works in a well organised, efficient way. Excellent ideas and is able to bring in a range of very good craftsmen and suppliers."
Head, Betty Layward School

"Many thanks for all your hard work, attention to detail and impressive presentation."
Head, Shackleton School, Germany

"I enjoyed experimenting things outside. It's lots of fun and exciting. I learnt that where there is action there is reaction and I had so much fun."
Year 6 - Fulham School (spelling amended)