Problem - we need a birdbath.

Problem-we need a birdbath. Solution?-make our own
The after school club is leading the work on our Growing Garden development, and last term they made a “tufa” birdbath. This is involved a lot of careful measurement, calculating proportions of the ingredients, and working co-operatively to make a thorough mix of the materials before adding water and sculpting the bird bath in the mould.  Working outside in our Nature Lab meant there was no problem with making a mess!  The children also discussed the health and safety implications of working with cement and were proactive in managing the risks.
The birdbath was left over the summer holidays to cure. It was exciting to unveil it this term. Result! The Nursery children helped to transport the birdbath to the garden where it will have a permanent home  and provide essential water for birds and insect life.
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