Children painting a tree in the art zone Planning markers on the ground

Fulham - Early Years outdoors

The dynamics of this area did not support all children’s needs effectively. This EYFS scheme is part of the 3 year ‘residency’ focusing on developing science practice with team teaching in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Design solutions focused on analysis of behaviour, careful zoning of activity and introduction of natural play elements.

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Engaging Children In Design

Loose parts can be used very effectively to engage children and staff in school grounds design projects, both as a problem-solving tool and as a way to find out the key needs of the children.

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Wood carving with Felicity

Brackenbury Primary – Problem Solving, Chatterboxes and Fundraising

Identifying problems, designing solutions, safe use of wood carving tools, 2D and 3D shape recognition, social and emotional development, habitats and plants, microclimates, insulation, and more… Learning outdoors to deliver a ‘real world’ project engaged the children enthusiastically.

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Nature Lab Scientist in Residence project

Engage a class of children in a hands-on project to turn an unused, forgotten space into an outdoor Nature Lab for cross curricular use that would benefit the whole school. We were keen to involve the children at all stages of the project including site surveying, assessment, identification of issues and generation of solutions.

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Liss, Den Case Study

I personally appreciated the time and attention which Felicity invested at the start in observing and talking to the children in order to understand the patterns of their play and their ideas for the outdoor classroom project.

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From Design to Reality Case Study

The project was to use the whole process of "design & build" to engage the staff and children and to deliver hands-on practical and purposeful learning embedded within the curriculum.

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Modelling ideas and PSHE Case Study

Schools often identify issues in their grounds, from playtime behaviour problems, "quiet areas" that are not quiet, football dominating the playground or the need for shade/shelter

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No pond… no problem!

Water has a fascination for most people, and is a great hands-on learning resource, but not every school, wants, or has the resources, to manage a pond all year round.

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Where, what type, how big, how do we want to use them?

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